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Thanks for visiting! On this site  you will find a selection of  straight razors from Boker of Solingen, Germany and - when available - vintage and pre-owned razors, plus all associated accessories and now including our new range of kitchen knives - just click the links below to visit the relevant section! For other new razors and more accessories please visit our other sites Dovo Razors UK and Thiers-Issard UK - thanks!

There's a lot of myth surrounding the straight razor: mention it and people tend to think of ‘Sweeney Todd’ or Poe’s ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ - yet for centuries the straight razor was used by men - every day - to get rid of their stubble.

     True, it does take  a little practice to use a straight razor safely and effectively but the results are just as good - if not better - than modern, disposable blades,  if only for the reason that with a straight razor you get to start each shave with what, in effect, is a new blade - without contributing that little bit extra to landfill when you dispose of yet another used cartridge blade!

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Due to internal re-arrangement it is now possible to  purchase goods and services from all of our sites - this one, Dovo Razors UK ,Razor Sharpening UK  , Thiers-Issard UK and Sabatier Knives UK- whilst using the same shopping cart.  No need to order individually and pay from each site, simply click the appropriate ‘buy now’ button to add what you want to the ‘basket’ and click the ‘continue shopping’ button - then go to any of the five sites and order from them, adding items as you please! Now that orders can be placed whilst seamlessly moving between sites, purchasing from us, or using our services, really couldn’t be much easier!

PRICING: Prices given are inclusive of carriage, so the price you see is the price you pay, though please note that customs duties may be charged  by your  customs  department if you live in a non-|EEC country and we have no control over this  Deliveries to EEC member countries  should not incur import duties.

Unfortunately, it also costs rather more to send something to Australia than it does to a local UK destination so all goods are priced accordingly to take increased carriage into account. UK deliveries are made by Royal Mail Recorded Signed For or Special Delivery.  Overseas delivery are by Royal Mail International Signed For  or, where this service is not available, Royal Mail Airsure. All razors are insured for carriage.  and can easily be checked in your ‘shopping basket’ prior to finalising the transaction. And remember - we don’t hold (or even see) ANY of your card or PayPal account details. Peace of mind built-in!


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