Shaving Accessories 

The Shaving Accessories section includes a range of products to help store or display your straight razor, replacement razor scales (handles) along with our shaving brushes, shave bowls and stands. 

  • Wallets

    Here you will find a variety of straight razor wallets for both single razors and pairs.

  • Razor Rolls

    Razor rolls for storing or travelling with up to seven straight razors.

  • Display & Storage Boxes

    We have a selection of display and storage boxes for straight razors, whether for a single razor or a collection.

  • Scales & Pin Kits

    Here is our range of replacement scales, pin kits and associated accessories to help keep older straight razors in use. Please be careful to select the correct size handle.

  • Shaving Brushes

    Whether you are looking for a high quality silvertip badger brush or something more affordable you will be sure to find it here. We carry a wide range of shaving brushes from a number of manufacturers including our own label. Be sure to check out our luxury hand made custom shave brushes.

  • Stands

    Here you will find our range of shaving brush and straight razor stands.

  • Bowls

    This section comprises our range of shave bowls and also shaving soap and bowl kits. Individual soaps and creams will be found in Soaps, Creams & Oils

  • Dopp Kits & Wash Bags

    Here you will find our select range of high quality leather dopp kits, military wet packs and wash bags. These are all made in England by a locally based company and manufactured to the highest quality. 

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