Grooming & Skin Care 

The Grooming & Skin Care section is where you will find our shaving soaps and creams, alum blocks, shave balms, beard oil, nail care and other select men's grooming products. 

  • Soaps, Creams & Oils

    This section includes our range of shaving soap, shave creams, beard oil and moustache wax.

  • Hair & Moustache Care

    Our Hair & Moustache Care section includes a selection of beautiful and stylish real horn combs, as well as hair tonic, bead balm and moustache wax.

  • Nailcare

    Our heavy duty nail clippers have been a real hit but were previously hard to find. We've now stopped hiding them away!

  • Men’s Fragrances

    Men’s Fragrances

  • Men's Skincare

    The Men's Skincare section includes both traditional alum blocs and hemostatic pencils along with a new range of pre-shave creams, after-shave balms, healing gel and razor burn relief products.

  • Toothcare

    Here you will find a small selection of high quality toothbrushes and toothpaste.

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