We stock both natural and manmade honing stones in a variety of grits. Please see our sections on Choosing A Honing Stone and Honing for further information.

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  • £ 23.75
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    This is a used natural Belgian Blue Waterstone from Ardennes Coticule, measuring approximately 200mm in length and 60mm in width. The thickness of the stone is uneven and varies from approximately 17mm to 15mm due to previous use. It therefore needs to be lapped. The beech box supplied with the stone also shows water staining.

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  • £ 38.00
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    This natural whetstone from Ardennes Coticule has been pre-owned, though the stone itself shows little sign of use. The only signs of it being pre-owned are to the beech box which shows some water damage. It is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a high quality natural finishing stone at a bargain price.

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  • £ 37.05
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    1k (1,000) grit stone -ideal for rapid metal removal from ragged edges, chip and 'ding' removal, and setting a new bevel to the razor's edge. The stone has good 'feel', and this grit leaves a satin finish much smoother than many comparable hones. Stand available separately.

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  • £ 54.15
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    3k (3,000) grit stone -much smoother in 'feel' to the 1k grit stone, this hone is ideal for use on blades where, although the edge may be a little rough, there is not a great deal of metal to be removed in order to restore a continuous and smooth edge. Also good at bevel setting. Stand available separately.

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  • £ 56.05
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    5k (5,000) grit stone - excellent for beginning the real high-polishing work, this stone gives good feedback and cuts quickly for a hone that leaves such a good, fine polish.

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  • £ 70.25
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    8k (8,000) grit stone - a superb polish is easily attained with use of this stone on a 'progressively' honed edge -quite remarkable for an 8k grit. Can also be used as a slightly more aggressive hone than the 10k grit in situations where maintenance honing is being carried out and the edge is a little too rough to benefit fully from the 10k hone. Stand...

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  • £ 79.32
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    10k (10,000) grit - this hone leaves a mirror-like finish on the edge that holds good even using a 30x jeweller's loupe (if done properly of course!). A very smooth, buttery hone with plenty of 'feel', this has to be the best 10k hone I have ever used. Stand available separately.

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  • £ 86.40
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    12k (12,000) grit stone - this is the ultimate Naniwa tone for superfine edges. I have used it on many razors and it adds to an already superb finish given by the 10k stone. Ideal for quickly restoring a used edge to a degree of sharpness that is surely hard to rival. An excellent hone. Stand available separately.

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  • £ 185.95
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    This hone is considered by many as the ultimate synthetic finishing stone - the 10k grit Chosera from Naniwa, Japan. This hone uses magnesium as a binder for the abrasive, which is in this case white aluminium oxide.

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  • £ 22.32
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    This flattening stone from Naniwa is designed to keep your Naniwa Waterstones in optimal condition. Stone measures 170mm x 55mmx 30mm. Made in Japan.

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