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Abbate Y La Mantia

Abbate Y La Mantia We were intrigued when Italian company Abbate y la Mantia got in touch with us to show us their range of shave soaps and aftershaves. They use traditional methods with a nod to modernity to produce wonderfully unique soaps that both protect and moisturise the skin but which also have a selection of delightfully different fragrances that you won't find elsewhere. These include frankincense and myrrh, black fig and green apple, coconut and banana or bay leaves to name but a few we have chosen to stock. After 20 years of research and development the company utilises active ingredients from saffron to enhance their products with an anti-bacterial quality. In the shaving creams this is combined with shea butter for its moisturising properties to help restore the skin's defensive barrier. The product packaging is most distinctive and of very high quality, making for a wonderful addition to any shaving cabinet.

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