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Saponificio Varesino

Saponificio Varesino - Italian Shaving Soaps

Established in 1945 by Dante Bardelli in the small town of Brebbia near the shores of Lake Maggiore, Saponificio Varesino use traditional methods combined with the latest technology to produce soaps and after shaves of excellent quality. The soaps are made in a plodder extruded, and sliced by hand with the logos hammered into them using age old traditional methods. They contain 50% coconut oil together with food grade vegetable oils. Saponificio Varesino purposely do not use palm oil in their soaps to avoid adding to the deforestation of endangered forests. The result is a top notch shaving soap which produces a luxurious lather which moisturises and protects the skin. Their specialist experience and knowledge of the active ingredients in their products means they have created a complete range of products for the wet shave enthusiast.