We are pleased to say that we stock what is considered by many as the ultimate synthetic finishing stone - the 10k grit Chosera from Naniwa, Japan.

This hone uses magnesium as binder for the abrasive, which is in this case white aluminium oxide. The Chosera stones do not soak up water to any extent so the stones merely need wetting prior to use and then water added as needed. Due to of their hardness (they are quite a bit harder than Naniwa Specialty Stones) finishing is quicker and the stone is much more resistant to gouges and cuts. Their hardness make them a good choice for razors made from very hard steel.

Chosera sharpening stones are bound with magnesium, this superior production method guaranteeing superb results. However, these magnesium-bound stones are more prone to developing hairline cracks. To prevent this from occurring, it is important NOT to use too much water when wetting - a spray will suffice. Chosera stones should NEVER be left to soak in water for a prolonged period of time! It is also important to dry these stones thoroughly after use and store them if possible in a dry, dark place. Follow these simple guidelines and your stone should last many years!