Some of the emails we have received recently:


“Many thanks for the advice, great customer service - a seemingly increasingly rare thing these days.”

Russell F (Jan 2018)


“Just wanted to give you a big thanks for great service and product shipped to Norway.”

Lars (Dec 2017)


“When I received my new razor I put it to the strop and went straight in with a shave test and I thought how excellent it felt, so hats off to you and your stropping it shaves superbly."

Mark R (Oct 2017)


“Incredible service you have there sir, I will most definitely recommend your shop with high praise to others, thank you very much indeed, you can be proud to be British, amen buddy.”

Paul C (Oct 2017)


“The brush stand arrived safe and sound – thanks very much. It is perfect for my requirements, and I am impressed by the substantial nature of the product. It is a very functional and attractive piece of engineering.”

Peter T (Oct 2017)


“I just want to thank you for your support in every step of my purchase. I liked my strop and whetstone but the straight razor, I can't describe it with any word. I am using a different brand and this is my first Thiers and it is like the Nirvana of the straight razors. From now on I have a 7/8 war axe :)”

Devrim A (August 2017)


“Just a quick note to say - I've received the razors today, safe and sound. Thank you. I love them! I think they both look stunning (TI Spartacus 5/8 Flower back Ebony and TI 5/8 Evide Sonnant White Micarta). I'll be sure to look after and enjoy them for the rest of my life.”

Karl W (August 2017)


“Many thanks for honing and re-pinning my Puma razor. I'm delighted with how smooth and sharp it is, it's probably the best shave I've ever had. I have sensitive skin and not a single nick or bit of irritation.”

Alex K (May 2017)


“It arrived perfectly, really pleased with the job you did - thank you! I will no doubt be sending you the razor (or others) as I need them tended to!”

Jonny L (May 2017)


“A great big thank you to you and your team the stone is beautiful wonderful colour, the stone was packed to perfection. Very happy with both my stones from you and your team.”

Ian K (May 2017)


“Hi Adam, had my first proper shave with the honed razor today - what a difference!”

Paul M (April 2017)


“Hi all, just a quick to say my order arrived in perfect condition. I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave over the phone before placing my order regarding purchasing a strop and hone. The ordering process on your website was quick and easy.”

John O (April 2017)


"Package has arrived today, thank you. The razor is awesome!"

Nick (Feb 2017)


"I have made several purchases from Invisible Edge now.  They are always friendly, able to offer expert advice on all aspects of cut throat razor shaving and their products are fantastic."

Gary J (Jan 2017)


"I'll highly recommended you to anyone who asks me about straights or honing. Huge thanks again"

Jonathan-Taylor W (Jan 2017)


"Very happy with the new razor as well as the other accessories. Thanks for the cracking service."

Matt R (Dec 2016)


"Very impressed with the service received by The Invisible Edge in particular Adam Perkins. I am new to straight razor shaving and greatly appreciated the help and advice received from Adam, he was very professional and took time to explain and advise me on the correct purchase for me at this time. Would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone looking for straight, honest advice, so rare to see these days. Also the speed of delivery, it was well packaged and arrived a day early. Thanks again, will be back."

Richard W (Dec 2016)


"I received my order yesterday. I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I have had poor experiences with online retailers in the past where they send goods poorly packaged. It is clear that a lot of care and time went into packaging my parcel from you. You are running an exemplary operation. You've made my weekend, I hope yours is great, too. Thank you so much, a customer for life."

Edward R (Nov 2016)


"Package received and I'm very happy and delighted with my Iwasaki razor and strop. I will be buying from you again. Cannot believe how sharp this razor is.....plus protective packaging was very good"

Graham S (Oct 2016)


"Thank you so much for your help; the last couple of shaves I have had this week have been nearing perfect. This has been so gratifying, as I feel I can now use the razor to its fullest, and it may become the treasured possession I hope it to be."  "Your service has been absolutely perfect; I couldn’t ask any more of you, thank you once again."

Aeneas C (Sep 2016)


"Choosing a razor was made easier with the clear multi shot photos and detailed description. Ordering was easy via PayPal. Goods delivered promptly and as requested. What more could you ask for?? Thanks Adam for the great service !!

John M (June 2016)


"thank you so much for the excellent advice and service I received from yourselves in the run up to and buying my first straight razor. Top class all the way. I've used it a couple of times (first time took me an hour as I was "respecting the blade" lol) but I'm improving thankfully"

Graeme M (June 2016)


"I just returned to the office after a week-long holiday and opened my package. I can't even begin to describe how much the razor has exceeded my expectations! Thanks for all your help!"

Vince H (May 2016)


"I ordered the TI ironwood 6/8 straight razor for my husband’s birthday. It was a huge hit and he absolutely loves it. It's so much more beautiful in person. Thank you so much!"

Kara T (March 2016)


"Without my knowledge my wife purchased a Thiers Issard desert ironwood scales for me, and I must say what a fantastic blade it is. I have had the opportunity to use it a few times it beats my old straight razor hands down which I recently had honed by you which was a very good shave on return but I must say on receiving my new straight razor I am blown away by the result. God bless my wife and thank you for the supply of such a fine piece of engineering. I would not deal with anyone other than the Invisible Edge."

William B (Jan 2016)

“Thanks for your good services. I will come back to you soon for my next razor and shaving accessories”

Ioannis C (June 2015)


“Hi Adam I just wanted to let you know that my parcel arrived and I’m over the moon. I couldn’t have asked for better looking scales”

Joseph J (May 2015)


“Thanks Adam, that is brilliant, great service”

Don S (May 2015)


“I just wanted to say thanks for your assistance with my orders and I appreciate your courtesy and attention”

John P (April 2015)


“Just received my razor, looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out” “I will definitely do business again and refer my friends”

Justin P (April 2015)


“Thanks Adam. I’ve heard great things about your service and they have been proved correct”

Joe G (Feb 2015)


“I want to thank you very much for my order. Shipment came very quickly. I am impressed with your service, is very professional. As for the product itself, the razor is simply amazing.”

Krystian G (Jan 2015)


“Oh my the Boker is lovely.” “Thanks for an awesome service”

Mike J (Jan 2015)


“… the Spartacus razor was here awaiting our return and it is absolutely STUNNING!!! The rams horn is really something else and the blade itself is a complete work of art. He is over the moon. And the brown leather holder is perfect for it”

Christy F (Dec 2014)