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Welcome to The Invisible Edge

Welcome to the Invisible Edge, a specialist vendor of straight razors (also known as cut throat razors or open razors).


We stock a wide range of high quality straight razors from European manufacturers and also some select Japanese kamisori. We have possibly the largest range of straight razors available on the web including new razors from Dovo, Thiers-Issard, Boker and Ralf Aust.


We also stock a varying range of vintage and Japanese razors together with all the straight razor accessories you might require. These include shaving brushes, leather strops, honing stones, straight razor starter kits and more, supplemented by a select range of men’s skincare and grooming products.


We also provide a razor sharpening and re-pinning service to help keep our customers’ razors in use.

The business has been in operation since 2006, and we now operate from our base in Dorset, UK.


We don’t just deliver to the UK, but ship every week to the USA, EU and indeed to a worldwide community of straight razor enthusiasts.


We remain a small concern dedicated to providing our customers with a personal service and as much support as we can.


A small selection of the many testimonials we have received may be seen under the review section below.


There is a lot of myth surrounding the straight razor, but for centuries the straight razor was used by men, every day, to get rid of their stubble. True, it does take a little practice to use a straight razor safely and effectively, but the results are just as good, if not better, than other methods.


With a straight razor you get to start each shave with what is effectively a new blade, without the ongoing cost or environmental impact of disposable blades. shave ready razors Worldwide.

Getting Started

Guides to choosing and using your first straight razor.

History of Straight Razors

A summary of straight razors through the ages.

Razor Maintenance

Advice on sharpening and storing your razor.


We have always used the term “straight razor” but in truth most people know this type of razor as a “cut-throat razor” or, less frequently, as an “open razor”. It really doesn’t matter, all these terms relate to the same implement.

We have a variety of razor starter kits which include everything necessary to start your venture into straight razor shaving. They also make an ideal shaving gift. This section also includes some entry level razors which are good choices for a beginner. Alternatively you can put together your own choices and perhaps upgrade the razor or strop. Please just ask if you need help.

We ship Worldwide, and shipping is free to all countries for orders over £125, but there is a charge for orders of a lower value. Full details may be found in our Delivery and Returns Policy. Prices are determined in GBP. For your convenience you are able to see indicative prices in U.S. Dollars and Euros but payment will be taken in GBP and there will inevitably be some variation to the U.S. Dollar and Euro prices shown. We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards as well as through Paypal.

If you are just starting out with a straight razor then we have a wealth of information on the website for beginners. Please visit our Information section which includes advice about choosing a cut-throat razor, how to strop a razor and much more. We are also always happy to offer advice and assistance where we can. Please just ask.

Our aim is to help our customers keep their razors in use. Now and again every razor will benefit from being honed. As not all our customers wish to learn how to hone we offer a straight razor honing and stropping service where we will sharpen your cut-throat razor on our premises and return it to you. This service is available for all razors we sell, vintage razors and some other brands of new razor but there are brands of new razor that we will not accept. Please see our Sharpening Service section for more details. We also offer a service to fit scales (razor handles) purchased from us.

This term relates to the fact that once unfolded from the scales (i.e. the handle) the razor’s edge is open or unprotected, as opposed to a safety razor where the edge is shielded to some extent.