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Ardennes Coticule

Ardennes Coticule is the trading name of Ardennes SA, a Belgian company which continues the slate quarrying business started in 1869 and is the only producer of the renowned coticule and Belgian blue whetstone.


The coticule stones from Ardennes Coticule have a creamy appearance and are affixed to a slate schist. A finer stone than the Belgian blue, the coticule stones we stock are all select grade. If you are comparing with stones from elsewhere please ensure that you are comparing like with like.

Belgian Blue Stone

Two things must ye know about the Belgian blue whetstones. First is that they are blue. And the second? That they are Belgian. [Sorry I must stop watching those Blackadder repeats.]

Slightly coarser that the coticule some will finish on this stone although personally I would follow it with a coticule.

For more information please see our Information section on Choosing a Honing Stone.

Ardennes SA - Company Mission

Passionate about sharpening, we are proud of our natural Ardennes-Coticule whetstones. Providing you with the right natural stone for all your tools, it is our ambition to make every sharpening a moment of happiness for you.