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Baxter of California

Created in 1965 by Baxter Finlay who started developing his own skin care products when he couldn't find what he wanted. Since then Baxter of California has been at the fore front of men's skincare, by bringing out an ever increasing range of award winning skin, hair and shaving products.  

Our thoughtfully curated collection of superior hair, skin, and shave essentials are designed to unleash what makes you, you. You’ve got your own story, your own signature statement. We offer a curated collection of grooming must-haves to free your best self and fuel your next level.

Our superior assortment of hair, skin and shaving essentials gets the job done in the simplest, most powerful way possible. Since 1965, our top-notch products have proven that premium doesn’t have to be pretentious. Performance is everything so every formula is tried and tested at the award-winning Baxter Finley Barber + Shop in Los Angeles.