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Shaving Accessories

The Shaving Accessories section includes a range of products designed to  store or display your straight razor. We have a selection of leather wallets for everyday storage as well as beautiful display boxes to show off  that grwing collection. We also stock replacement razor handles, also known as scales, to repair or refurbish a razor. If you need help fitting these please visit our razor sharpening section. Here we offer a razor handle replacement service alongside our honing service. All razors which have their scales replaced will then need to be honed as the rescaling process dulls the blade. We also stock a wide variety of shaving brushes, shave bowls and stands. All at differing price points but all carefully selected to provide quality items that represent good value for money. Most of our shave brushes are either made entirely from badger hair or a combination of badger hair and boar hair. Please read the product descriptions carefully as the feel of the brush will vary as a result. We also stock a number of brushes with synthetic hair.