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5/8, 11/16 Razors

5/8 or 11/16 size straight razors are an ideal size for the beginner to straight razor (or cut-throat razor) shaving. They are also used by many a practised expert in the art. The 5/8 refers to the measurement of the blade in fractions of an inch from the shoulder to the edge. A smaller blade will be easier to manoeuvre around your face. Especially if accompanied by a round point to the end. In this section you will find a wide variety razors with different blade decoration, grinds and scale materials to suit every budget and taste. Price is driven mostly by the extent of any blade decoration and the scale material. Plastic obviously being cheaper than horn or wood. We know the choice can be overwhelming at the start. Please get in touch if you need any advice and we will do our best to come up with some suggestions. The 11/16 straight razors are essentially 5/8 razors in a “Grelot” form with a shoulderless grind and thumb notch. The blades tend to be stiffer than the strict grind definition suggests so are a good choice for those with a stiffer or wiry beard. This means they are also especially suited for a beginner.

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