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Seven Day Sets

Thiers-Issard are one of the few makers left in the world to produce the much sought-after ‘seven-day sets’. These are sets of seven matched razors, intended for use on a ‘one-a-day’ basis. Often that have the days of the week engraved on the spines. These sets are, by their nature, expensive to make but are a delight to own and are usually ranked as a family heirloom. Thiers-Issard offer a choice of spine designs as illustrated below.

The spines may be engraved with the days of the week in your choice of language. There are seven spine choices and so your set could comprise one of each design or all with the same choice. In terms of scale material, choice is limited to blonde horn, black horn, olive wood, decorated boxwood, bone and desert ironwood. If you are interested in something else we can always ask.

The sets are supplied in an oak display box with a glass lid and leather protective insert as shown here.

The razors are 5/8 size in C-135 Carbonsong steel. These sets are not held in stock but are specially manufactured to order. Typically the lead time will be 2-3 months. If you may be interested in purchasing a set please email us for further information and for pricing. We also occasionally have vintage seven day sets for sale which may be found below.

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