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Starter Razors

We realise that with such an extensive choice of razors on offer finding the best starter razors can be a bit intimidating. So if you are wondering where to start, in this section we have gathered together a number of starter razors. In other words, the best razors for beginners. These are razors that are suitable for someone starting out with a straight razor for the first time and at the lower end of the price scale. These razors are mainly half hollow but with one or two full hollow or singing hollowed.  If your beard growth is particularly thick or wiry, we recommend a half hollow which is a bit stiffer. Some people find a half hollow to be a bit easier to use to begin with whatever their beard type, but equally we do have customers who get on fine with a full/singing hollow straight away, especially if they have experience with a shavette. We also have another section for starter kits which include a strop and other accessories.