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Straight Razor Shaving Kits

Our straight razor shaving kits (or cut throat razor starter kits if you prefer) are ideal if you are new to straight razor shaving or if you are buying as a gift for a beginner.

Straight Razor Kit

Our straight razor shaving kits include the essential items to get you started. They also include one or two other items which we think are sensible additions. We do not include any pastes with our shaving starter kits as they are really designed to ensure you have everything you need on Day One. We do recommend though that you read our information on caring for your razor.

Which Straight Razor Shaving Kit?

Some of our shaving kits include a strop, brush and other useful accessories together with a razor. We now offer the Ralf Aust half hollow razor which we believe is an excellent choice as a straight razor for a beginner. We also offer kits which comprise only the accessories. These are really for customers who perhaps wish to spend rather more on the razor of their choice. The accessories vary according to whether you are looking for a shaving soap (which therefore comes with a bowl as well) or if you prefer a shaving cream. There are fans of both. Shaving cream produces a lather more easily. Shaving soap can produce better glide but takes a little more work to produce the lather. The Proraso and Kent shaving soaps and creams included in our shaving kits are tried and tested brands with a long heritage. If you have hard water then a cream may be a better choice than a hard soap.