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TI 6/8-7/8 Red Stamina Replacement Razor Handle


These red stamina replacement razor handles or scales from Thiers Issard will fit most 7/8 straight razors and larger 6/8 raozrs. Red stamina is laminated rosewood that has been treated to prevent water ingress. It has a deep shine and attractive graining. 

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Red Stamina is laminated rosewood that has been treated to prevent water ingress. It has a deep shine and attractive graining. These scales are supplied fixed at the base but undrilled at the pivot so a perfect fit can be made. Supplied with pins and collars. N.B. As with all natural materials the colouring and patterning of these razor handles will vary from one to another.

These razor scales measure approx. 7/8 inch in width just before the spacer and 6 inches in length. They are suitable for most 7/8 straight razors and also for large 6/8 straight razors such as a Thiers Issard  with a historic hand worked or forged spine. 

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Thiers Issard Cut-throat Razor

We are pleased to be able to supply a wide range of Thiers- Issard razors and shaving accessories including razors that are produced exclusively for us and which are only available here. This French manufacturer only produces the finest straight razors and is World renowned for the quality and finish of all their goods. Thiers-Issard razors are not just of high quality but also exhibit great flair and style, combined in many cases with historic designs, to result in the most desirable razors.

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