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Boker Damascus Razor with Curly Birch Scales


This 6/8 Damascus steel razor has a French point blade and stunning contemporary style stabilized curly birch scales. The combination of the steel in the blade, made from two or more steel bases with different characteristics, produces a stunning razor which would be a great addition to any collection.

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This razor is new from Boker and has a Damascus steel blade and contemporary stabilized curly birch scales. Damascus is the name of a type of steel that was very popular in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age. It was named after the Syrian city of Damascus, a former trade a former trade center for knives and swords with this type of blade. Damascus is a composite steel, i.e. a steel made from two or more steel bases with different characteristics. The finished product has a clearly visible texture of alternating layers of its base materials and is appreciated for its decorative appearance.

The scales are made from the wood of the burl birch. This is a special variety of the silver birch which is native to the far north of Europe. The tree has a genetic defect that causes the tree to twist on the stem with curls. This means the wood has an interesting grain which has a V shape in cross section that is highly decorative. The scales have the Boker emblem inlaid by hand.

The 6/8 blade has a French point, the scales have the authentic Boker logo on the tang, and the razor has jimping on the upper and lower tang. It is supplied in a clear display case with a Certificate of Authenticity. This razor is numbered 165.

SHAVE READY – Unlike some retailers, our razors are not supplied as they come from the factory. We individually prepare all the razors we sell. For full details see our policy.

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