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Shave Ready Policy

All of our straight razors (or cut throat razors if you prefer) are supplied “shave ready”. This means that we have opened the manufacturer’s packaging and then individually prepared the razor. This may or may not involve honing, but at a minimum it involves stropping the razor through four grades of diamond paste, then chromium paste, then a bare strop. The only completely accurate test is to shave with the razor, but as we can’t do that we carry out a hanging hair test at 5 or 6 points on the edge to check it is sufficiently sharp. Please note that the production process can leave “hone wear” type marking on a razor. If there is any “hone wear” on the razor when you receive it, the most likely explanation is that this is how we have received it from the manufacturer since if a razor requires anything more than a 12k hone from us we tape the spine to protect it.