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Shaving using a Shavette

Using a shavette is an alternative to a DE razor but is not for the faint hearted. As the blades are thin and extremely sharp, it is very important to exercise caution, especially when using one for the first time. Patience is required and the key is to allow plenty of time.

A shavette looks very like an old fashioned straight or cut throat razor. The difference is that the shavette uses disposable blades which are easily changed, so that the blade does not need stropping, honing or oiling that a straight razor requires. We stock shavettes from DOVO which have exchangeable blade systems with holders to protect the blades. While these can take a regular DE blade snapped in half we would recommend the longer shavette blades which are specifically designed for this purpose.

A shavette is used in a similar way to a DE razor. Lather up your face and hold the blade at about 30 degrees to your face – a useful way of doing this is to lie the blade flat against your cheek and then lift the spine of the blade to the desired angle before making the first stroke. Any more than this and you risk nicking your skin, any less and you won’t be able to achieve the required cutting action you need.

Start with your cheeks as they are the flattest part of your face and use short, smooth strokes running with the grain of your beard growth. Then follow the cheek down to the jawline and move towards your mouth. Don’t apply too much pressure – not as much as you would use with a cartridge blade and let the weight of the blade do the work. Don’t go too slow or drag the blade – if you do you will feel the blade pulling when it should be gliding. When you get to the more difficult areas of you face again use short strokes, keep a good angle with the blade and use a light touch. It helps to hold the skin with your free hand so that the skin is as flat as possible. Have a styptic pencil or an alum bloc ready to deal with any nicks or cuts. If you prefer to shave using two or passes of the blade then lather up your face again and shave another time using light strokes. The blade will pass over your skin much faster he second time so take acre. Allow yourself plenty of time when trying a shavette for the first time – at least 30 minutes to start with so that you can take the necessary care. Using a good quality after shave balm after shaving is also a good idea as it helps to hydrate and condition the skin.