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Thiers Issard 7/8 Desert Ironwood Razor with Transatlantique Jane Mark


This 7/8 Thiers Issard razor is a departure for us with the use of the Transatlantique mark. It has beautiful desert ironwood scales, a plain spine and a hook nose, all in all a very stylish razor.

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This 7/8 Thiers Issard Desert Ironwood Razor With Transatlantique Mark is a new departure for us. The beautiful desert ironwood scales, plain spine and hook nose, make for a very stylish razor. The blade is satin finished to both sides, the spine is plain and it has a grelot form, with the thumb notch and jimping to the lower tang. The wood used for the Desert Ironwood Razor With Transatlantique Mark has become expensive but the wonderful graining of this wood gives a luxurious look and feel to any razor.

Thiers Issard registered the “Le Transatlantique” trademark in 1914, in honor of Jeanne Thiers, the owner’s sister, who adored ships and travelling. Today the beautiful sailing ship transatlantic trademark can be seen on the side of Thiers Issard straight razors along with Jeanne’s English name, Jane, which appears on the reverse of the tang.

Supplied in a baragnia leather Thiers Issard wallet. Colour may vary.

As with all our razors, this will be supplied ready to use in accordance with our shave ready policy.

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