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Feather Artist Club SS ACS – RB Razor


Made in Japan, this Feather razor takes replaceable blades to ensure a sharp edge for every shave and without the need to strop or hone the razor as is normally required with shaving with a straight razor. The blade holder is made from stainless steel. Weighs 43g.

No blade supplied.


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The handle is made from a specially designed resin which can withstand temperatures up to 135 degrees which means the razor can be boiled in water to keep it hygienically clean. The blade holder is made from stainless steel. The blades can be changed easily by squeezing the head of the blade allowing the blade to be removed or to drop out. A dispenser provided with the replacement blades allows you to insert the blade without having to touch it.  

This razor is not for the novice – the blades are extremely sharp but once you have mastered the technique it will provide a very satisfying shave. Close to a straight razor shave with added convenience.

No blade supplied.


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