Straight Razor Sharpening Service

In order to assist our customers who have bought a new razor, or those who have inherited or bought a vintage razor and would like to put it to use, we offer straight razor sharpening and re-pinning services to customers based in the UK.

We do not accept all cut-throat razors for sharpening as there are many cheap razors out there that are unlikely to take a good edge. Further details are provided below.

Many people have found that straight razors offer a durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendlier way of shaving than modern disposables. They also offer a very close and satisfying shave. While some are wary of handling such a sharp instrument it should not be forgotten that, for hundreds of years, straight razors were an everyday item in the bathroom, as common as toothbrushes and soap. Yes, of course they are very sharp, they have to shave a man’s face, after all, but with a little practice they are simple to use and no more dangerous than any other sharp knife.

So - can that old cut-throat razor of Grandad’s be brought back into service? The answer is normally yes. Even being left in a drawer for fifty years seldom destroys a razor, as long as it is kept dry it will last indefinitely. However it will almost certainly be blunt and require honing i.e. sharpening on honing stones.

Cut-throat Razor Sharpening - the Service

We provide a honing and stropping service to restore a dulled edge to be “shave-ready”. The edge should be free from flats, chips or ‘dings’. This service does NOT cover edges that are ‘table-knife’ blunt, or that do possess chips, flats or ‘dings’. It also does not cover edges that are badly corroded and that would need ‘cutting back’ to be restored to usable condition.

If razors are sent to us with any of the faults described above, work will not begin on them until mutual agreement to cost is made. If agreement cannot be reached we will return the razor(s) and issue a full refund less postage cost. If therefore you’re in any doubt as to the suitability of your razor for the advertised service please drop us a line beforehand. We are happy to appraise razors for work provided an SAE is included for their return.

Please feel free to email us images (preferably in .jpg format).

A common problem with old straight razors is one of very loose or broken pins - particularly at the blade pivot. If you have a razor with this problem, we can now rectify it. We now have replacement scales in stock - if you would like these fitted, just order the scales needed together with the appropriate re-pinning service.

Please note that honing involves the use of abrasive stones. Sometimes this can lead to small scratches on the blade. We frequently clean the stones during use. This reduces the chance of scratching but does not eliminate it.

To order honing and/or re-pinning, just choose the appropriate service(s) below and checkout in the usual manner.

Which Razors Do You Not Accept?

Please be aware that most razors originating in Pakistan, China and Taiwan, or any very cheap razors from any source are unlikely to take, or retain, a decent shaving edge. We therefore do not accept any such razors as, in our experience, they are unlikely to achieve a good, lasting edge. Please check with us before sending if in doubt. Furthermore, we specifically do not accept the following brands:

Enzo, AP Donovan, Beard Struggle, Titan, Ninja, Imperial, Artamis, Creative Edge, Sanguine, Hen and Rooster (not to be confused with Thiers-Issard Fox & Rooster), Empire UK, Haryali, Cyril Salter, MenRock, Murdock, Razzoor, Vintage Gentlemen, “Sweeney Todd” copies and fake ‘Damascus’ (acid-etched) steel razors.

How Long Will It Take?

Our focus is on retailing straight razors and accessories. While we offer sharpening as a service to customers we have to fit it in when we can. However we normally manage to return razors within a week of receiving it.

The charges below cover the work detailed and also return postage and packing.

What's the Cost?

The cost of honing depends on where we are to return the razor to and what type of compensation cover you select.

UK - Sharpening with return by Tracked 48 (£100 cap if lost/damaged in transit) - £29.90

UK - Sharpening with return by Special Delivery (£500 cap) - £35

Where Do I Send It?

Please wrap your razor well (but not in a heavy display box) include a note of your name, address and e-mail address and send the razor to us at:

The Invisible Edge Ltd.
PO Box 9038
DT11 1DJ

Please use Royal Mail as couriers may not recognise the PO Box address and this will cause delivery problems.

The razor is at your risk until we receive it so we advise using an appropriate postal service with regard to its value. We will return it well packed using the appropriate postal service depending on the service you have selected. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused while the razor is in transit and compensation will be limited to the amount recoverable from the carrier. If you have a more valuable razor we recommend using the service with a higher limit of liability.

Also, the limit of our liability for any damage to a razor, howsoever arising and whether due to negligence or otherwise, will be limited to the amount of the fee paid for the service requested.

Professional Straight Razor Sharpening Service for Cut-throat Razors