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Straight Razor Sharpening

Straight razor sharpening comprises both stropping on leather strops for day to day maintenance and also honing, which is the occasional use of whetstones to remove and polish steel so as to create and refine an edge.

We stock a range of leather strops for customers to maintain their razors including hanging strops, loom strops and paddle strops. Traditional strop paste and diamond pastes are also available to enhance the effect of stropping.  For those who wish to master the art, we also stock a range of Naniwa synthetic honing stones and natural stones of various types and sizes.

As a service to customers who do not wish to sharpen their own razors, we offer a honing service for those razors we sell and for other good quality new and vintage razors. More details about our razor sharpening service and the razors we take in may be found on the Straight Razor Sharpening Service page.