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Boxed Set of Four Ivory Wingfield Rowbotham Razors


A set of four vintage ivory razors from Wingfield Rowbotham & Co. of Sheffield in original wooden box.  They bear the blade marking "More sharper than your swords" from Shakespeare's Henry V Act III.



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This is a set of four vintage 5/8 razors from Wingfield Rowbotham & Co. with original wooden box. They bear the blade marking "More sharper than your swords" which is from the King of France's dialogue in Shakespeare's Henry V Act III.

The scales are thin and a long wavy grain indicting they are of ivory.

The history of Wingfield Rowbotham & Co is believed to have begun in 1751 when the firm was founded by a member of the Wingfield family. It began as Hoult, Wade, Wingfield & Rowbotham and subsequently manufactured crucible steel, saws, files, table and pocket knives as well as cutlery, scissors and razors. It became Wade Wingfield & Rowbotham in 1825 and moved to 26 Tenter Street in Sheffield in the late 19th Century. The firm was acquired by Thomas Turner & Co in 1898 who continued to use the old brands on some merchandise including razors. The brands "Wingfield Rowbotham" and "Wade Wingfield & Rowbotham" were trade marks registered as being used by the company in 1919. Thomas Turner went bankrupt in 1932 and were acquired by Viners.

The tang of these razors bears the firm's harp and crown stamp and is marked "Wade Wingfield & Rowbotham Sheffield". Our estimate would be that these razors are from the 1920s.

The condition of the scales is excellent. The razors are also very good considering their age. There are signs of corrosion but they have been given a polish and come up very well.

The spines of the razors originally had some decoration and were numbered 1 to 4. The decoration and numbering can still be seen but this has worn away considerably over the years.

The box clearly had an escutcheon plate at one time and this could be replaced.

The razors have been honed (before the photographs were taken) and will be supplied shave ready.

Selling on behalf of a private collector.

Data sheet

Size 5/8
Steel Type Carbon Steel
Scale Material Ivory
Scale Colour Natural
Grind Type Full Hollow
Point Round