Straight Razors 

Welcome to the straight razor section of the site where you will find a wide selection of high quality straight razors made by long established and reputable European manufacturers, namely Thiers-Issard, Dovo and Boker. The razors range from lower cost options for the straight razor beginner through to very rare and highly prized collectors’ pieces. We also stock some select Japanese razors when available. All our straight razors are suppled “shave ready

  • 2/8, 3/8, 4/8 Razors

    This section comprises straight razors with a smaller blade depth and which are typically used for beard shaping and detail work or for hair thinning.

  • 5/8, 11/16 Razors

    5/8 razors are an ideal size for beginner to straight razor shaving but also used by many expert in the art. You will find a wide variety of formats and scale materials to suit every budget and taste. The 11/16 are essentially 5/8 razors in a “Grelot” form with a shoulderless grind and thumb notch. The blades tend to be stiffer than the strict grind definition suggests so are a good choice for those with a stiffer or wiry beard.

  • 6/8 Razors

    Here you will find a wide range of 6/8 straight razors including a number of razors with hand-chiselled or filed spines and razors forged using historic spine designs.

  • 7/8 Razors

    The 7/8 razors are the largest we stock and are all from the highly regarded Thiers-Issard. Points vary and include French Nose and Hook Nose razors bearing the exclusive Dominator® and Dreadnought® marks, only found here at The Invisible Edge.

  • Luxury Razors

    We haven't followed any strict rules in selecting the razors for this category, they are just straight razors that we consider more likely to appeal to a collector or generally to the more discerning buyer.

  • Damascus Razors

    These highly prized Damascus razors from Thiers-Issard are hand forged from two similar hardened carbon steels. These should not be confused with the cheap so-called Damascus razors produced cheaply from soft steel. The photographs in this section are of the specific razor which is for sale, it is not just illustrative as in the other sections. These Damascus razors from Thiers-Issard are only available in 6/8 but with round nose, square nose or hook nose options, and in a choice of luxury scale materials. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for then it may be possible on special order. Please contact us for details.

  • Japanese Razors

    The Japanese straight razor has a long history going back over 1400 years. The razors were first used in ceremonies for shaving the heads of Buddhist monks. In the middle ages they were used to shave the heads of the Samurai.

    Although Japanese razors are ground on two sides, like Western straight razors, the grind is unequal, ultimately creating one blade. This means that instead of a symmetrical cross-section, one side will have a significant hollow this is called the “Ura” and the other side is called the “Omote”. The Ura is usually signed by the maker whilst the Omote is blank.

    The steel used to make the razors is traditionally made from iron sand and charcoal which are placed in a specially made oven layer on layer. It is further processed by hand until it is purified and ready for forging. The razor is then made by bonding a small amount of the hard hagane steel to soft iron. It is the hagane which forms the cutting edge and the thicker jigane is the thicker mild steel which supports the hagane. Depending on the size of the blade they are called Hanchogake, Ichogake or Nichogake.

    When we can obtain stock, we are pleased to offer the sought after Iwasaki Ichogake size razor and also the Ichogake sized Tsurayuki-type razor by master smith Yoshitaka Yamada of Kyoto, under the ‘Kanetaka’ brand name.

  • Starter Kits

    If you are new to straight razor shaving it can be helpful to buy a kit which includes the essential items to get you started. We do not include any pastes with our kits as they are really designed to ensure you have everything you need on Day One. We do recommend though that you read our information on caring for your razor.

    We offer some kits which include what we consider to be excellent straight razors for beginners. We also offer kits which comprise only accessories for customers who perhaps wish to spend rather more on the razor of their choice. Also listed here are some razors that we think are suitable for someone starting out.

    Please note that if you are new to straight razor shaving we have a free download guide available here which contains lots of advice and information. We ask only that you register with us. We do not intend to constantly bombard our registered users with marketing emails, but we would like to send out occasional mails advising of new products and special offers.

  • 7 Day Sets

    Thiers-Issard are one of the few makers left in the world to produce the much sought-after ‘seven-day set’; seven matched razors, usually with the days of the week engraved on the spines and intended for use on a ‘one-a-day’ basis. These sets are, by their nature, expensive to make but are a delight to own and are usually ranked as a family heirloom.

    At present Thiers-Issard are mainly offering the two sets below. The first is the ‘Bijou de France’ set decorated with ‘Bijou de France’ in gold on the blade, with blonde horn scales and with seven different hand-cut blade spines engraved with the days of the week. The photograph shows this set in a Thiers-Issard “Superbox”.

    The second set is a great choice for any sporting enthusiast, the blades being decorated with the ‘Le Chasseur’ motif and goldwork. The scales, which are of boxwood with snakewood inlays, show seven different hunting/nature scenes, one for each day of the week. The photograph shows the set presented in the Thiers-Issard ‘Luxelm’ Elm burl and Beech box.

    The razors in both sets are 5/8 razors in C-135 Carbonsong steel. While only these blades are used, we may be able to obtain a set with different scales and/or with different marking.

    The spines may be engraved with the days of the week in your choice of language. There are seven spine choices and so your set could comprise one of each design or all with the same choice.

    The seven spine designs:

    These sets are not held in stock but are specially manufactured to order. Typically the lead time will be 3-4 months.

    If you are interested in purchasing a set please email us in the first instance.

    All sets are supplied as standard with a Baragnia leather razor roll for seven razors in brown or black. These cases are ideal if planning to travel with the razors.

    Alternatively it is possible instead to have the sets supplied in a display box, either the Thiers-Issard “Superbox” (solid top) or the Thiers-Issard “Luxelm” Elm burl and Beech box (glass top).

    Below are pictures of the Bijou de France set in a Superbox and the Le Chasseur set in a Luxelm presentation box.

    Prices for the two sets described are as follows:

    Set Type

    Razors in Leather Roll

    (supplied as standard)

    Razors with ‘Superbox’

    Razors with ‘Luxelm’ box

    Bijou de France




    Le Chasseur




    Prices include shipping to any address worldwide. Please note that shipping outside the EU may be subject to import taxes levied by the receiving country’s authorities which would be payable in addition.

    Any of the ‘Le Chasseur’ razors referred to above can be supplied singly to order, without spine engraving, making them a really relevant gift for the hunter or outdoorsman. They would be supplied in an Italian Baragnia leather wallet, ideal for use when travelling or camping. If you would like to order one of these razors please keep in mind the lengthy lead times, some few months, in order to avoid disappointment.

  • Travel Kits
  • Razor Care

    Products for the care and protection of your straight razor.