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Why Wet Shave?

If you want a close, smooth shave then you really need to look at a traditional wet shave using a safety razor or shavette. While an electric razor can do the job of ridding your face of hair, the reality is you will never truly look clean shaven especially if you have heavy beard growth. Wet shaving with a safety razor (also known as a “double edged” or “DE” razor) or shavette can also help reduce common problems such as razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Using a cartridge razors such as a Sensor or Mach 3 is fine for some but for many the skin will benefit from the use of a single blade. Furthermore, there is a considerable cost saving to be had by avoiding cartridge razors.

Good quality safety razors are available at very reasonable cost and, once purchased, the ongoing cost of razor blades is much cheaper than purchasing multi-blade cartridges. You will also need a shaving soap or cream. We would recommend avoiding shaving gels or foams. However everything you need can be purchased at a very reasonable cost and using good quality products will benefit your skin. Why not take the plunge and see for yourself?