• Abbate Y La Mantia

    Abbate Y La Mantia

    We were intrigued when Italian company Abbate y la Mantia got in touch with us to show us their range of shave soaps and aftershaves. They use traditional methods with a nod to modernity to produce wonderfully unique soaps that both protect and moisturise the skin but which also have a selection of delightfully different fragrances that you won't find elsewhere. These include frankincense and myrrh, black fig and green apple, coconut and banana or bay leaves to name but a few we have chosen to stock.

    After 20 years of research and development the company utilises active ingredients from saffron to enhance their products with an anti-bacterial quality. In the shaving creams this is combined with shea butter for its moisturising properties to help restore the skin's defensive barrier.

    The product packaging is most distinctive and of very high quality, making for a wonderful addition to any shaving cabinet.

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  • Ardennes Coticule

    Ardennes Coticule

    Ardennes Coticule is the trading name of Ardennes SA, a Belgian company which continues the slate quarrying business started in 1869 and is the only producer of the renowned coticule and Belgian blue whetstone.


    The coticule stones from Ardennes Coticule have a creamy appearance and are affixed to a slate schist. A finer stone than the Belgian blue, the coticule stones we stock are all select grade. If you are comparing with stones from elsewhere please ensure that you are comparing like with like.

    Belgian Blue Stone

    Two things must ye know about the Belgian blue whetstones. First is that they are blue. And the second? That they are Belgian. [Sorry I must stop watching those Blackadder repeats.]

    Slightly coarser that the coticule some will finish on this stone although personally I would follow it with a coticule.

    For more information please see our Information section on Choosing a Honing Stone.

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  • Baxter of California

    Baxter of California

    Created in 1965 by Baxter Finlay who started developing his own skin care products when he couldn't find what he wanted. Since then Baxter of California has been at the fore front of men's skincare, by bringing out an ever increasing range of award winning skin, hair and shaving products.  

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  • Better Be Bold

    German designed moisteurising cream for bald scalps. Made only form natural and vegan ingredients the cream from Better Be Bold is specifically designed for those with no hair. Has moisteurising, protective and anti-shine properties.

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  • Boker

    Boker, Solingen

    Boker can trace its origins to the 17th century as a tool maker in Germany which has been manufacturing razors since 1869 while Solingen is the historical centre of German steel manufacture. The Boker trademark tree can be traced back to a chestnut tree which stood by the original factory all those years ago.

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  • Castle Forbes

    From its beginnings 20 years ago at the ancestral home of the Chief of the Forbes Clan, on the banks of the River Don in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Castle Forbes has developed a set of unique scents designed to capture the essence of the castle and the surrounding landscapes.

    The Castle Forbes range of male grooming products are renowned for their quality and performance. Produced using only the finest quality sustainable essential oils directly from the growers, and with handcrafted formulations emplying natural ingredients, Castle Forbes products are free from parabens, colouring, artificial fragrances and are not tested on animals. The shaving creams in particular are very highly regarded amongst wet shaving cognoscenti and amonst the best on the market.

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  • Daines & Hathaway

    Daines & Hathaway - Fine English Leather Goods

    Daines & Hathaway has been making fine quality leather goods in England for almost 100 years.

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  • Dovo

    Dovo Straight Razor

    Looking for a Dovo straight razor? Browse one of the widest ranges of Dovo straight razors on the web. We are pleased to offer a huge range of straight razorsstrops and shaving accessories from the World famous Dovo range.

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  • Feather

    Feather Razor

    Feather is a well known Japanese manufacturer of high quality razors and blades. Established in 1932, its blades are considered by many to be amongst the sharpest on the market. All Feather products are produced to the highest standards.

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  • Iwasaki

    Iwasaki Kamisori

    The Iwasaki workshop is in Sanjyo, Niigata which is the traditional centre for steel in Japan. Originally established after the War by Mr Shegeyoschi Iwasaki and his father Kousuke Iwasaki. Production has now been handed over to Mr Mizuochi who continues in the same tradition to produce the highly rated Iwasaki razor. This Japanese razor is produced in very limited quantities and hence is much sought after.

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  • Kanetaka

    Kanetaka Kamisori or Japanese Razor

    Kanetaka is the brand name under which the master smith Yoshitaka Yamada of Kyoto produces his fine Tsurayuki style Japanese razors.

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  • Kent

    Kent Brushes

    G.B.Kent & Sons Ltd. has been supplying the highest quality brushes since the eighteenth century. The British company has a reputation for excellence and is the World's oldest hairbrush maker.

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  • Martin De Candre

    Formed as a family business in 1974, Martin De Candre soaps are highly thought of. This artisanal maker uses exclusively vegetable oils to create its base and scents.  It employs the Marseilles method of production to create soaps of rich lather and intriguing fragrances.

    While at first view these shaving soaps may appear expensive, they are supplied in 200g jars, each of which could potentially last up to a year of use. On this basis they represent excellent value.

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  • Mitchell's

    Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap

    Mr Mitchell was a Bradford based chemist, who realised that the lanolin contained in the fleeces of sheep kept the hands of the sheep shearers and wool sorters exceptionally soft. He made a soap incorporating lanolin from the wool fat as its key ingredient. Whilst making no medical claims the soap has been found to soothe sensitive skin and help to alleviate certain skin conditions. 

    In addition to the highly thought of Wool Fat Shaving Soap, we are pleased to stock a number of Mitchell's products including a Luxury Hand Wash and a Lanolin Cream for use on chapped or rough skin

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  • Naniwa


    Naniwa Abrasive Mfg. Co. Ltd. is a specialist Japanese manufacturer of sharpening stones for the industrial and consumer markets. We rate their Specialty honing stones highly for straight razor sharpening.

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  • Osma

    Osma Alum Products

    Laboratoires OSMA has specialised in manufacturing products with astringent qualities based on alum stones for over 50 years and have a range of alum products for pre-shave and post-shave applications. More recently the company has produced a range of beard oil, shampoo and other products to complement their traditional alum offering.

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  • Parker

    Parker is a family owned company which has been producing safety razor products for almost 50 years.

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  • Pashana

    Pashana - Hair Care, Body Wash and Colognes

    Pashana is a much loved traditional barber shop brand of men's grooming product. We stock a number of Pashana's hair care, cologne and body wash products. Pashana Bay Rum is a long established favourite.

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  • Phoenix & Beau

    Phoenix & Beau Shaving Soaps

    A UK based family company formed in 2015 and dedicated to producing artisan soaps with innovative fragrances and the highest levels of performance.

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  • Pittards

    Pittards - World Class Leather

    Established in 1826, Pittards is based in Somerset, England and manufacturers leather goods for many of the World's leading brands.

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  • Proraso

    Proraso Shaving

    Renowned Italian manufacturer of traditional barber shop shaving products. Customers choosing a Proraso shaving sopa or cream are rarely disappointed.

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  • Ralf Aust

    Ralf Aust Straight Razor

    Ralf Aust is an unusual phenomenon in this modern age - a master artisan who single handed produces all the razors he sells in the age old tradition using traditional tools and methods.

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  • Saponificio Varesino

    Saponificio Varesino - Italian Shaving Soaps

    Established in 1945 by Dante Bardelli in the small town of Brebbia near the shores of Lake Maggiore, Saponificio Varesino use traditional methods combined with the latest technology to produce soaps and after shaves of excellent quality. The soaps are made in a plodder extruded, and sliced by hand with the logos hammered into them using age old traditional methods. They contain 50% coconut oil together with food grade vegetable oils. Saponificio Varesino purposely do not use palm oil in their soaps to avoid adding to the deforestation of endangered forests. The result is a top notch shaving soap which produces a luxurious lather which moisturises and protects the skin. Their specialist experience and knowledge of the active ingredients in their products means they have created a complete range of products for the wet shave enthusiast.

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  • Simpsons

    Maker of fine shaving brushes and shaving creams.

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  • Strop-It


    We are delighted to be an authorised distributor of Strop-It strops, high quality strops for the straight razor enthusiast. The Strop-It Supex strop with interchangeable beds is now a favourite for many.

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  • Taylor of Old Bond Street

    Family owned grooming products business dating from the 19th Century.

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  • The Invisible Edge

    Invisible Edge Shaving Products

    The Invisible Edge is not only a specialist retailer of straight razors but also has its own range of quality straight razor accessories which are manufactured or selected by us for straight razor enthusiasts and other discerning wet shavers.

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  • Thiers-Issard

    Thiers-Issard History

    Thiers-Issard is a very long standing and respected professional cutlery company located in Thiers, France. The business was originally founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers who had a reputation for being a particularly skilful blacksmith, producing straight razors of the highest quality. The company used his wife’s name as well as his own in order to distinguish it from other companies with similar names. Since 1985 the business has been under the ownership of Mr. Gilles Reynewaeter.

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